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Nick Menza Kinda-Sorta Hinting That He’s Actually Returning to Megadeth


menza mustaine ellefsonThe thing about being in a band that has had half the world’s population in the line-up is that whenever someone leaves that band, everyone inevitably starts to wonder if one of the old members will come back. Case in point: Megadeth! Ever since guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover quit the band last year to pursue their own project, peeps have been like, “Bring back Nick Menza and Marty Friedman!!!” And for their parts, both Menza and Friedman have been amenable to the idea — which is surprising in Friedman’s case, given that he has successfully turned Japanese, and not that surprising in Menza’s case, given his abundance of free time. Still, I kinda didn’t think either one would really end up back in ‘Deth, ’cause, y’know, Dave Mustaine is a cock.

But now there’s some evidence to suggest that Menza, at least, might actually be rejoining the fold. The Examiner reports that, when asked at a NAMM appearance last week if anyone from the Megadeth camp had reached out to be regarding a reunion, the drummer and U.F.O. expert replied, “It’ll be final when it’s final.” Which strongly suggests that there are negotiations under way.

Thing is, we dunno if Menza is just bullshitting to stay in the spotlight (he hasn’t gotten this much press in years), or if his implication was truthful. But check this out: according to Metal Insider, “soon after Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover left Megadeth, bassist David Ellefson reportedly started following Marty Friedman’s and Nick Menza’s Twitter accounts.” Which is circumstantial and could be nothing, but, surely, Ellefson knew it would create buzz.

Fuck me naked with a spoon, I’d be so happy if Megadeth reunited with Menza and Friedman. If they just reunite with Menza, I guess that’ll be fine, too, but I think we can all agree that Friedman is the real get here.

Just one thing: if Megadeth do lure both of these dudes back to the band, maybe they should get the fuck out of Friedman’s way and let him write the new album? Just a thought.

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