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It’s the Metal Cover of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” You Never Knew You Always Needed


Madonna - Like a VirginTrue story: I went to Anso DF’s wing of the MS Mansion to deliver him a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast this morning, cause he’s a real swell fella, and I walked in on the guy dancing around naked to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” So un-br00tal!

Perhaps this metal version will give Anso’s day a bit of a metal kickstart. The cover was done by Norwegian producer and goofball Leo Moracchioli, and all the sounds were created using Toontrack products (EZdrummer 2, EZmix 2, etc), which he explains in depth at the end of the video.

These covers are always fun as long as you don’t take them too seriously… so enjoy. And send good vibes Anso’s way.

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