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Ungod: New Album Art for Morgoth is Morgreat


Germany’s Morgoth is another one of those bands towards whom I am generally indifferent — I don’t think they suck or anything, I just never really got into them. But I gotta say, Seth Siro Anton‘s album art for the band’s forthcoming Ungod — their first studio album in nineteen years — is pretty rad. I like the faux-faded look, and the way it portrays Christ without showing his face (note the spear wound), and I really like how I can’t quite make out the features of the monster (or, um, Ungod’s) face — I see multiple spots that could be eyes or mouths, but I can’t tell for sure. It’s only a slight variation on the design of the beasties that usually adorn metal album covers, but, hey, every little bit counts!

Morgoth - UngodUngod comes out April 7 on Century Media, or a week earlier if you live in Europe. You can listen to the first single from the album, “Black Enemy,” here. I have heard the song is very popular with the police!

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