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“Extinct”: Moonspell is No Moonsorrow

  • Axl Rosenberg

Moonspell - ExtinctDue to a mixture of years of self-induced brain damage, geocentric arrogance that lumps all European countries together, old age, and the fact that they have extremely fucking similar names, I constantly confuse Portugal’s Moonspell and Finland’s Moonsorrow. I’m hoping publicly shaming myself for this post will put a stop to that, ’cause it can be real a bummer.

Like, today, for example, I saw that our friends at Decibel are streaming a new Moonspell song, “Extinct,” and I got all excited. But then the song turned out to be weak sauce, and I was all, “What the fuck?” And then I realized that Moonspell isn’t the good one, Moonsorrow is the good one.

Bummer for me. But maybe not a bummer for you? Some of you probably like Moonspell. Which is fine. No judgments. You can listen to “Extinct” here. There is one part of the track that I like, which is when the string section kicks in and it basically becomes a disco song with heavier guitars. Shit makes me wanna get all Travolta n’ stuff.

“Extinct” is the title track from Moonspell’s new album, which comes out March 17 on Napalm. I dunno what Moonsorrow are up to right now.

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