Phil That Remains Makes an Idiot out of Himself on MSNBC


labonte_msnbcAll That Remains have a new album coming out soon, which means that Phil Labonte is back in the public eye saying all sorts of controversial things to try and get his band some press. The irony that I am covering his band right now because of that is not lost on me.

What’s so interesting about his recent appearing on CSNBC The Shift’s show The Docket, with attorney and legal analyst Seema Iyer, isn’t that he’s saying silly things as per usual, or that he’s continuing to try to defend the completely indefensible position that words shouldn’t be considered offensive. It’s that he admits twice that he’s basically doing it all to get press, first when he cops to “stirring the pot,” then when he admits to finding enjoyment in watching his Facebook likes spike whenever he says something controversial.

This is where I’d usually give credit to someone for a troll well done, except I don’t believe that Labonte is smart enough to pull off a troll on such a grand level. I think he’s just an idiot — as Ms. Iyer points out — who happens to get a kick out of himself.

Watch the clip embedded below or here.

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