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Exclusive EP Stream: Trepalium, Damballa’s Voodoo Doll


trepalium - "damballa's voodoo doll"We’ve often seen France’s Trepalium described as “swing metal,” and while that term is mostly accurate it detracts from the band in two ways: 1) it makes them seem like they rely on a gimmick; 2) it undermines how heavy they truly are.

So let’s just put this right here and see how we do: if you dig forward-thinking metal bands unafraid to push genre boundaries — like Destrage, or Shining (Norway), for example — but you think those bands could use a little more sonic heft, then you’re gonna love Trepalium.

Trepalium have been an active band for 13 years, having already sold thousands of albums and undertaken two tours with Gojira, as well as playing Hellfest four times. While they’re quite popular in their native country, how has it come to pass that they’ve escaped the notice of most metalhead Stateside ears thus far? Dunno, but sometimes it still just works out that way, Internet be damned.

Trepalium’s new EP Damballa’s Voodoo Doll will come out on February 9th, and you can stream it in full below (order here). Listen for a guest vocal track by Gojira’s Joe Duplantier on track 2, “Damballa’s Voodoo Ball.”

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