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New Black Dahlia Murder Album Coming Out This Year; Guitarist Ryan Knight Working on Solo Album

Photo Credit: Maclyn Bean
Photo Credit: Maclyn Bean

Gear Gods ongoing post-NAMM Show coverage is more than just for gear nerds — the GG YouTube channel has one-on-one artist interviews with Between the Buried and Me’s Dustie Waring, Intervals’ Aaron Marshall, Internet guitar phenom Drewsif Stalin and more, as well as live performances by Entheos (ex-Animosity), Cynic’s Paul Masvidal, Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess and others. Check all those out right here.

Today we bring you a sit-down with The Black Dahlia Murder guitarist Ryan Knight, who drops two extremely tantalizing nuggets of information in this interview. Right off the bat Knight tells us that The Black Dahlia Murder are currently writing a new album and expect to have it out this year, followed by “a lot” of touring — awesome news already! Then, after geeking out about his new role as endorser of super-sexy PRS Guitars, he reveals that he’s “probably going to try to start working towards doing” a solo album once the Black Dahlia task at hand has been accomplished. There’s a crapload of qualifiers in that sentence (four!), so take that timeline with a grain of salt, but it’s cool to know that Knight’s at least thinking about making a solo record, and and it’s fun to imagine what such an album would sound like, especially given Knight’s stated preference for using it as an outlet for ideas/styles that don’t fit with TBDM.

If all else fails, at least Knight’s always got a career as a professional baseball player to fall back on (seriously — ask him about it sometime!).


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