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Black Tongue’s Alex Teyen Falls from Moving Tour Bus After Mistaking Exit for Bathroom

  • Axl Rosenberg

facefistBlack Tongue are a pretty good band, and we’ve all done stupid shit when we’re drunk.

That being said, this is truly a new level of stupid shit, and equal parts horrifying and hilarious.

According to The Telegraph, Alex Teyen, Black Tongues 23-year-old vocalist, recently stepped out of the exit of the band’s moving tour bus… because he thought it was the door to the bathroom:

“’The victim told his colleagues he was going to the toilet,’ said Officer Piotr Kaciak, a local police spokesman. “The toilet turned out to be engaged so he opened the bus’s door instead and stepped out while the coach was still moving.”

“When they realised what had happened other passengers alerted the driver who stopped the coach. Band members found their colleague on the motorway and administered first aid, while a passing motorist, who spoke ‘broken English,’ stopped and called the emergency services.”

Police say that Teyen was “probably under the influence of alcohol.” They also believe that “water is probably wet.” Clever ones, those police.

Perhaps even more amazing than Teyen’s most grievous error is that while he was hospitalized for “head and face injuries” and is “quite battered and bruised,” he “is understood not to have been badly hurt” (which is why I feel comfortable busting his balls about the whole thing). Dude is seriously lucky he wasn’t killed.

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