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Devin Townsend is Currently Editing His Autobiography

Devin Townsend
Devin Townsend10/25/2011, Slim’s, San FranciscoMy portfolio at http://www.skaffari.fiOn Facebook

If you’re on Twitter and you’re not following Devin Townsend, you’re doing it wrong. Not only is his Twitter feed always incredibly entertaining (in the typical Devin-ian way), but he consistently uses it as a medium to release new information about what he’s working on, and he directly interacts with fans on the regs.

While browsing my Twitter feed last night I stumbled upon this nugget from Mr. Townsend:

And then I remembered this post from May of last year, in which Devin revealed he was working on a hybrid autobiography / personal philosophy book, which he described thusly:

With this book I really want to discuss music, my creative process, the connection between my personal development and how my career and music has been lived, and I want to do it frankly and in detail. I want to offer up my experiences – positive and negative – so that it might help other people to follow their muse and get to do what they dream about. I want to contrast what people assume this life and work is based on, with the reality. It’s so easy to get lost in addiction, accolades and criticisms instead of creating music, but essentially that is the healthiest thing in the world: going where the music takes you is so important. This book is part manual and part diary. It’s a travelogue, a songbook, a celebration, elucidation and condemnation; it’s my story, told by me, for you.

At the time Devin had yet to start writing and was just in the planning phases, testing the waters to see if there was public interest. So perhaps the above morphed into a more straight-up autobiography once he started work on it, or maybe he’s using the word “autobiography” here loosely — but either way I’m incredibly stoked to read this book whatever form it ends up taking. Here’s one final hint from Devin about what it might be like:

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