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Prediction: Secrets Of The Sky Second Album Will Rule

  • Anso DF


In every fan’s music library is an artist or two that sits on the cusp of a breakthrough to more acclaim and modest fame. You feel that, for said band, only a few clicks of the vault’s dial remain before its door swings open for them. Of course, in our little corner of music, that vault is the size of a dorm fridge and its contents mostly coinage, but still, all that’s left is a little luck and fortitude ’til their rep matches their rip.

That’s Secrets Of The Sky, authors of one of 2013’s awesomest albums, To Sail Black Waters. Like a rare creature from the deep jungle, the album’s body parts are recognizable and found easily enough — arms (guitars), legs (drums), and face (vocals) — but their sizes, shapes, and colors seem unusual and pretty brilliant. And to watch it hunt and hide is to be dazzled.

In agreement with me is Metal Blade Records, for last week the label announced that SOTS has joined its roster. Now we can surmise that the band’s follow-up to Sail is awesome, for it was complete at the time of the deal’s announcement. As such, an okay (or worse) album probably would’ve earned the band a pass by MB. And though it’s unclear if MB contributed to its creation — spiritually or financially — let’s presume that the label connected with the dudes in SOTS before its completion; even a small show of interest would inflate the confidence of a low-profile band hugely, and with it their aims for their sophomore outing. Let’s see if their fortunes grow too!

Secrets Of The Sky’s first release for Metal Blade is out this summer. Check out “The Star” from their 2014 split with Godhunter here.

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