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Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s Pantera’s “This Love” Played by a String Quartet


sevensunsIf you’ve yet to get a Valentine’s Day gift for your boo and you’re thinking about running to the florist to pick up a bouquet of roses, think again: that shit is EXPENSIVE this time of year, artificially jacked up by the powers that be like chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday. You’d be better off just taking the old lady to Taco Bell and treating her to one of those new Triple Steak Stacks. Ya know, for triple the love!

OR you could just sit her down and play her this string rendition of Pantera’s “This Love,” performed by the New York City outfit seven)suns. What screams “I love you so much, honey!” better than a) PAN-FUCKING-TERA, and b) four very skilled string players rocking like the dickens to this wildly intense version of a classic? Nothing does, that’s what. Except when you tack on “Domination” to the end of it. Can you hear Rex’s bass?

NYC residents looking to catch seven)suns in person can do so on February 21st at The Knitting Factory, along with The Empire Shall Fall (feat. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage).

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