Which Bands do You Like But Everyone Else Seems to Hate?


monkey thinkerWe did a thread like this many years ago and it was fun, so why not do it again?

Everyone’s got those bands they love that everyone else seems to hate. Maybe there’s something in the band’s sound that’s lost on other people, subtle qualities they just haven’t spent enough time with the music to know about. Maybe they’re a “musicians’ band” and your friends aren’t musicians, or vice versa: your musician friends are too stuck up to appreciate the music’s simple awesomeness. More likely it’s probably just the case that your love for them is completely inexplicable and irrational. No late night, drunken conversation involving this band EVER ends well for you; your position is basically indefensible!

So chime in with the universally-hated band you love below. Remember: there’s no such thing as “guilty pleasures”… only pleasures!

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