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FINALLY, After Five Albums, In This Moment are Getting a Greatest Hits Collection


in this moment graduate babyIn This Moment have made five albums in seven years, and you know what that means: it’s time for a greatest hits collection! Why even wait for A Decade of Decadence, right?

Joking aside, it’s the band’s now-former label, Century Media, that’s releasing the album, and I’d wager the members of ITM themselves really have nothing to do with it — their contract with CM probably allows the label to release such a collection, and someone at the label figured there was money to be made, so here we are.You may recall Victory doing the same thing with Between the Buried and Me a few years back.

But that just makes the whole thing funnier, ’cause In This Moment’s most recent album, Black Widow, was released through Atlantic. So Century Media really only has four albums to mine for material. I guess they’re counting on completists buying this thing — I mean, new fans can just go download whatever songs they want a la carte via iTunes, right?

Rise of the Blood Legion — I think I forgot to mention that that’s the title of albums, oops — comes out April 21. No word yet on which songs from the band’s vast catalog made the cut.

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