Warbringer Suffer a “Communication Breakdown” with Led Zeppelin

I haven’t a clue who’s in Warbringer these days, so here’s a picture of John Kevill with some random fan in Australia.

Everyone loves Led Zeppelin! If you claim you don’t, you’re either, 1) Acting too cool for school, 2) An idiot, 3) Really young and haven’t given them the proper chance. Besides which, all metal owes a considerable debt to Led Zeppelin — the myriad ways could provide enough material for an entire book.

So it’s not at all shocking to hear that Warbringer paid tribute to the Zep with a cover of “Communication Breakdown” they originally recorded as a bonus track for 2013’s IV: Empires Collapse but never ended up releasing. Like all good covers, it’s got the distinct flavor of the band performing it but retains the integrity of the original version — a good balance of new and old — and Warbringer totally nail it. U jam:

[via The PRP]

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