No More Nevermore Forevermore?


rip nevermoreYesterday, Sanctuary announced new guitarist Nick Cordle… and there was an interesting detail in the press release which we completely missed, but our buddy Rob from Metal Injection caught: vocalist Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard are both listed as “ex-Nevermore” members. Since Nevermore was a quartet and guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams already split in 2011, this would suggest that there is now no such band as Nevermore.

Which, honestly, I’m fine with. I loved Nevermore, but it was really hard for me to envision the band without Loomis and Williams anyway, and I’ve now had four years to get used to the idea of losing the band. The Obsidian Conspiracy was a good note on which to conclude things. Now Nevermore gets to be one of those too-rare bands that quit while they were ahead.

Also, never forget Rosenberg’s Rule of Reunions, which states that all broken-up bands that aren’t Guns N’ Roses or Pantera will eventually reunite.

So thanks, Nevermore, for all the great music you made, all the awesome shows you played, and, most of all, for keeping Jeff Loomis out of Megadeth. Disaster averted!!!

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