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Coal Chamber Claim “I.O.U. Nothing,” Including a Decent Single

  • Axl Rosenberg

coal chamber - drivelFor the debut single from their forthcoming reunion album, Drivel, Coal Chamber wanted to remind the world that they were back in a big, big way. Which is why they selected “I.O.U. Nothing” to be that inaugural comeback song: because nothing says “shitty nu-metal” quite like being too fucking lazy to write out an entire phrase (see: “A.D.I.D.A.S.,” “N 2 Gether Now,” etc.).

To Coal Chamber’s credit, this is less annoying than any of their other songs; not to Coal Chamber’s credit, that’s a low bar to leap over, and it’s not like they did so with a song which is, y’know, good. Basically, instead of sounding like Korn with a vocalist who is mid-gargle, they now sound like Stabbing Westward with a vocalist who is mid-gargle. Whoopee.

Continuing his proclivity for promoting Drivel by explaining the self-explanatory, vocalist Dez Fafara tells Loudwire that “I.O.U. Nothing” is about owing nothing to someone:

“‘I.O.U.’ touches on those feelings of you being ‘DONE’ with someone emotionally to the point of knowing you owe them NOTHING, no more time, no more feelings, no more phone calls or exchanges of any kind and the Christmas cards are not coming anymore so don’t check the mail!”

Because it’s when you stop getting Christmas cards that you know someone is really pissed at you.

Stream “I.O.U. Nothing” below. Drivel is out the day you buy something else on The Substance That Should Be Spread Across Every Copy of This Album Records.

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