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If You Have a Sepultura Tattoo and Want to Be Immortalized by the Band, Get in Here

  • Axl Rosenberg

sepultura tattoosIn celebration of their thirtieth anniversary, Sepultura have written “a new song that expresses the respect and love” the band has for their fans, and are now soliciting assistance from said fans:

“If you have a Sepultura tattoo on your skin, that tattoo can be on the artwork of our new release. It is going to be a historical release and you can be a part of this! Show our artwork on your skin and the passion you have for Sepultura!”

Well, I sure am glad they clarified twice that you need to have the tat on your skin, ’cause I was just about to e-mail them the Beneath the Remains tattoo on my hair. I guess Vince’s Chaos A.D. bone marrow tat isn’t eligible, either. Bummer.

ANYWAY, I don’t think the band will have any trouble finding fans with Sep tattoos; a Google image search brings up about ninety-ninety trillion such pieces of skin (not hair or bone marrow or fallopian tube) art. Some dope even got a Dante XXI tattoo! What a maroon!!!

If you have such a tattoo and would like to participate, e-mail a pic of your tattoo to ink AT Sepultura30years DOT com. Pity the poor intern who has to sift through all the dick pics they’re gonna get.

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