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Burweed’s New Album Hide is Rocking My World Right Now


Burweed - HideNearly three years ago I featured a fantastic band named Burweed in our Unsigned and Unholy column, after which I promptly forgot about them because I’m a dumb, lazy, entitled blogger. Fast-forward to two weeks ago when David Lee Rothmund highlighted their new album in our weekly “Shit That Comes Out Today” column, and still I let it slip by because I’m a dolt.

That’s where MS reader Josh M. comes in: he emailed me recently to complain about our official review of Enslaved’s new album, I explained that who cares what some idiot on the Internet says, does he like it, and if so that’s all that matters, then we kissed and made nice, and somehow the topic switched to Burweed and their aforementioned new album Hide.

And holy shit, am I sorry I slept on this thing! It’s glorious. Imagine if German prog masters The Ocean made an entire album based on the more doomy, pensive side of their sound, added a dash of alternative-style songwriting and a heavy helping of mid-tempo groove, and you’re close. Here’s DLR’s synopsis:

Here’s something interesting: an “alternative” metal band which doesn’t sound alternative! Soft melodies and doom-like tempos keep Hide strictly progressive. You can get lost in the simplicity that makes Burweed what they are — nothing fancy, just something good!

I concur, completely. Hide is out now via Inverse Records and it’s rocking my world; stream it in full below via Spotify or buy it on iTunes. Follow Burweed on Facebook too.

Also, how much do you love that album cover? Us hairy fellas gotta stick together, although that model’s got nothin’ on the Vince man-rug.

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