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Guitarist Justin McKinney Talks Joining The Faceless, New Album Progress and More


The Faceless new lineupFun fact about Justin McKinney of The Zenith Passage, who just joined The Faceless as their new second guitarist: when Faceless mainman Michael Keene first contacted McKinney about the gig (they’d been Internet pals beforehand, and Keene produced The Zenith Passage’s latest album), Keene asked McKinney “to come hang out and play guitar,” which McKinney took quite literally and innocently, having no idea it was an audition for the band. Fast forward a few months and McKinney’s the latest to fill that second guitarist spot, held most recently by Wes Hauch.

Gear Gods scored an exclusive video interview with McKinney in which the new Faceless axeman recounts that experience, talks about what it’s like playing with The Faceless in front of 30,000 people, and shares what’s in the future for both The Faceless and The Zenith Passage (both bands are allegedly working on new albums right now). Watch the interview below.

The rest of the new Faceless lineup, revealed last week, includes Aegaeon vocalist Julian Kersey and Hate Eternal drummer Chason Westmoreland. From what we’ve heard the band’s live lineup does not currently have a bass player; for now bass tracks are just being pumped in through the PA for the band’s live shows.

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