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The New Royal Thunder Song Will Make You “Glow”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Royal Thunder - Crooked DoorsJust when you thought you couldn’t possibly be any more excited for the new Royal Thunder album, Crooked Doors, the band goes and drops another new song, “Glow,” and the wait for Doors‘ release becomes that much more unbearable.

For one thing: several hours from now, you will still be tapping your foot, singing “Breaking me down/ I know they can feel it/Breaking me down/They know all the secrets.” Don’t even try to fight it, it’s futile.

For another thing: seriously, how rad is Mlny Parsonz? Seriously, cannot stress the power of this woman’s vocals enough. It’s a crime that our language uses the same word to describe her job and Phil Labonte’s job. It’s like if they called kids who were really good at Madden NFL 15 “football players.” What a joke.

Finally: Josh Weaver’s guitars! The solo is really rad, but I’m not sure I realized how underused slide guitar has become in modern rock before I heard “Glow.” It’s like someone made a round piece of metal that serves as a direct tunnel in my heart. I love it so much.

Listen to “Glow” below, courtesy of Entertainment WeeklyCrooked Doors comes out April 7 on Relapse. You can catch Royal Thunder on tour with Halestorm in June. Get dates here. You should also listen to our new podcast interview with Parsonz!!!

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