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Some Cockstain In Dallas Broke Into Harm’s Way’s Van


Even if they don’t live up to all their hype, Harm’s Way from Chicago are a pretty cool metallic hardcore band who will probably head out on some awesome tours in the near future. Which is why it sucks so hard that they got their shit stolen while on tour with Code Orange.

The PRP displayed the following tweets from the band:

All of which blows. They apparently made their show in Houston the next night, but still, what a drag.

The band have set up a Paypal for fans to help them at the e-mail address hatexforce AT gmail DOT com, so feel free to go there and toss the guys a few bucks. Getting everything you have taken from you while in a strange place is the worst.

Then again, you could be like this charming fellow:

Way to be, buddy! True hardcore is about fundamentals, not doing everything you can to retrieve your belongings so that you can play for the fans you promised a show to.

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