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There’s (Hopefully) Going To Be A New Meshuggah Record In 2016


meshuggahJesus, has it really been three years since Meshuggah released Koloss? That album was so huge, it still feels like a recent release.

The good news is, fans won’t have to wait much longer for new material. According to a studio check-in video on Metal Insider, drummer Tomas Haake is in the process of writing a new record that should hopefully come out next year! You can watch the video below.

Waiting for your favorite musician to put out a new album can be a pain in the ass, but with Meshuggah I’m happy to be patient. Technical and off-kilter metal needs time to gestate. If getting the good shit means holding out a little longer, I’m game.

Anyway, here’s Tomas walking fans through the drum process of a Meshuggah song. If you want to catch the band live, they’ll be playing Kirk Hammett’s Fear FestEvil next month.


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