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Mayhem Fest Admat Leaks, Confirms Line-Up Rumors

  • Axl Rosenberg

Earlier this week, we posted the rumored line-up for this year’s Mayhem Fest… and assuming this leaked admat from Wolverine Kills isn’t some troll’s Photoshop job, those rumors were totally accurate! Of course, there are some additional bands that we didn’t know about, too.

leaked mayhem fest 2015 admatSo… seems like the real mixed bag Mayhem Fest usually is. Whitechapel! Jungle Rot! Code Orange! The chance to see Keyboard Flip Guy live! Hellsuck. Thy Art is Suck. Sister Suck. The chance to see Keyboard Flip Guy live. Ugh.

But it might be worth going for King Diamond alone. And then you can leave before the Slayer cover band comes on and beat traffic!

Stay tuned for confirmation…

[via Metal Insider]


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