Max Cavalera Calls For Unity Among Metalheads, Displays Mixed Taste In New Interview


cavaleraintIt’s hard to take Max Cavalera seriously when he calls for unity and brotherhood, given that Soulfly’s former bassist just recently compared him and his family to Axl Rose. But here he is in a recent video interview with Horns Up Rocks doing just that:

“For me, part of being in a metal brotherhood is to [promote other bands]…We need more of that, in fact. I think musicians need to stop being selfish and help each other, because we’re all in this shit together…If we help each other, we’re going to get to a better place faster. So I think metal needs more union and more of a feeling of brotherhood.”

Max goes on to list some of his favorite new bands. They’re a mixed bag–he mentions Nervecell, Wormed, and Noisem, all of whom I love. But he also mentions Benighted, who I don’t.

It’s hard to dislike Max Cavalera. Sepultura and Soulfly were the bomb, Killer Be Killed is pretty great, and the new Cavalera Conspiracy rules. On top of that, his message is important enough. It’s just interesting that he’s so concerned about being generous to young musicians his own former bandmates consider him a diva and control freak.

Check out the interview below. Watch it all the way through to see the moment where the interviewer asks about Maxfest, a hypothetical Cavalera-centric music festival, and Max seems pretty uninterested.

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