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Exclusive Cinemetal Premiere: Adimiron’s “Ayahuasca”


Adimiron Ayahuasca VideoIf you read MetalSucks regularly, you’re probably aware of how cynical we’ve become about music videos. The decline of record sales also means the decline of music video budgets, and now that just about anyone can make a reasonably professional-looking video with consumer equipment, the trend, increasingly, is to hire the cheapest schmoe within spitting distance to make the clip. Which might not be such an issue — we’re all for the democratization of art — except that these schmoes are almost always painfully lacking in creativity. So we get what seems to be the same boring-ass performance video over and over and over again.

Knowing how feel about this situation, then, you should take us seriously when we tell you that Adimirion‘s new video for “Ayahuasca,” is aya-hu-awesome. Director Monika Janouchová’s Gorey-esque animation is the perfect visual representation for Adimiron’s hypnotic, moody brand of prog-metal, which will appeal equally to fans of Tool and Gojira. The result is a real mindfuck of a clip befitting the song’s title (a reference, the band tells us, to “a hallucinogenic brew used by indigenous tribes of South America, that allows them to communicate with the ‘spirits’ and even to travel to different dimensions, some below and some above our own material reality”).

Says Janouchová of the video:

“’Ayahuasca’ is an inspiring song. It has the power to take us to unreal places, and I just wanted to transform its potential into images. Each scene and situation brings us, together with the music, to a long surreal trip. Our mind opens and we are enabled to see more… It’s like a vivid dream in which we cannot tell whether it is real or not and if everything will be normal once woken up.”

Well put: this video will stay with you long after its four-and-a-half minute running time is over.

MetalSucks is proud to present Adimiron’s “Ayahuasca” video, which you can check out below. The song appears on the band’s spectacular album Timelapse, which is out now. You can, and should!, purchase physical it via BandcampAmazon, or iTunes.

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