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We’ve spoken quite a bit about our love of creativeLIVE here at MetalSucks (and not just because both websites are averse to spaces in-between words and favor unusual capitalizations), but for those of you who are still not aware of this amazing service: creativeLIVE is a website where you can watch live online classes in a wide variety of topics (including music, natch), taught by some of the foremost experts in their respective fields. The classes are always free to watch live-in-progress, or, for a fee, you can download ’em and have ’em forever. And these classes are really seminars, which is to say, they tend to be very long and in-depth. Really, you’d have to be a total dope not to see the incredible value in what creativeLIVE is doing.

Which is why were so flattered when they recently asked us to be interviewed for their podcast!

In true creativeLIVE fashion, the interview was intended to be educational first and foremost, with the general theme being “starting a website and becoming a professional blogger.” (Not to toot our own horn, but, y’know, we did start this website from scratch while we still had day jobs and have since managed to make it our full-time careers. Some people might consider that to be impressive.)

So listen to the podcast and learn a little sumpin’ sumpin’… or, at least, make fun of our very Jewy voices. You can download or subscribe to the podcast here, or just stream it here. Enjoy!

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