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Carcass Banned in Malaysia as a Result of “Lyrical Content”

  • Axl Rosenberg

carcass malaysian flagIn late 2013, Lamb of God were forced to cancel a show in Kuala Lumpur after The Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (Jakim) accused them of utilizing “evil and anti-divine spiritual elements in [their] performance[s].” Which is a bummer… but at least they’re in good company! ‘Cause almost the exact same thing just happened to Carcass, according to this post on the band’s Facebook page:

“Sorry Malaysia, no show for you guys in May. Seems like your government officials still haven’t updated their calendars to the 21st century – we’ve had our visas declined on the basis of our ‘lyrical content.’ Laughable and embarrassing. Give us a call when you get yourselves a sensible secular state. PS if you’re reading this you’re too late, we already ‘corrupted’ your youth and played Kuching last year!”

Honestly, I dunno even know how the authorities understood the band’s lyrical content well enough to deem it unsuitable for their citizens. I’m a well-educated man who speaks English as a primary language, and even I need to a dictionary to help me understand Carcass passages like this one from “Incarnated Solvent Abuse”:

Intenacious, intersecting
Reaving fats from corporal griskin
Culled… for sodden gelatine brayed
Skeletal groats triturated, desinently
Exsiccated, sere glutenate brewed
For frivolous solvent abuse…

That is the most eloquent description of something totally disgusting ever. Peeps should be using that shit for SAT prep, not censoring it.

There is a funny silver lining to the news, however, which is that every time Malaysia (or Russia, or any other country that suppresses free speech) bans one of these groups, all they’re doing is creating new fans for that group and increasing the ardor of existing fans. HEY, DUMMIES: ROCK MUSIC IS PREDICATED ON REBELLION. In the short term you’ve really bummed out some fans, but in the long term, you’ve just doused the fire with gasoline. Good luck putting it out now!

[via Lambgoat]

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