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Former Skeletonwitch Vocalist Chance Garnette Admits to Drinking Problem, Claims He Read About His Fill-In on the Internet


Chance GarnetteUpdate, 1:57 p.m.: An earlier version of this story said that Garnette found out about his firing online, when in fact he simply found out about Horn filling in for him online. We apologize for the error.

Kudos to Metal Injection, who got the scoop of the day — specifically, details of the circumstances surrounding the firing of vocalist Chance Garnette from Skeletonwitch, which was kinda-not-really announced this week when the band announced that Battlemaster’s Andy Horn would be their vocalist for their upcoming European tour (whether or not Horn is Garnette’s permanent replacement has yet to be revealed).

In a statement from Garnette, the now-former Skeletonwitch vocalist admits to having a drinking problem, revealing that “I regularly became a drunk asshole off stage and was fired.” Much to his credit, he takes full responsibility for the fact he “fucked up,” and says he sought help as soon as returned home after having to leave the band mid-tour last October (he even apologizes to fans who didn’t get to see him as a result of his having to leave).

But he also claims he was let go in a less-than-spectacularly-cool way:

I was left behind, unsure about anything, with no communication. It was my girlfriend who told me they were firing me from the band. Two days later, when I could get someone to take my call, I asked “Is this it? Am I fired?”. I was told, “Right now, you’re not the singer in Skeletonwitch” and that the band would be finishing the tour instrumentally. If I had been given the opportunity beforehand to change what was wrong, or been told “Dude, you’re too much, we can’t take this shit, shape up or hit the bricks” then of course I would have. I mean, I’ve poured everything into this band for 11 years. It’s been the first thing I think of when I wake up and last thing I think of before bed for that long.

Garenette continues:

I found out Skeletonwitch had a fill in vocalist for the current tour the same way everyone else did a couple days ago: on the internet.

I’m sure Skeletonwitch have their own version of the story, but assuming Garnette really did find out about his replacement via the internet, well… that obviously sucks. It’s also becoming far too common these days (Garnette joins a list that also includes Zakk Wylde and Dave Lombardo). It’s an obvious byproduct of the modern age, when people end long-term relationships via text message because it’s easier than having a confrontation, so I suspect we’ll continue to see this kind of thing in the future. It still blows, though.

Read all of Garnette’s statement here.

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