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At the Gates to Livestream Concert This Monday, April 6


At the Gates Should Make a Reunion AlbumCan’t make it out to see At the Gates during their current run on The Decibel Magazine Tour? Are you an At the Gates the megafan who will happily watch the band perform as many times as possible? Are sadly without social plans for this coming Monday evening?

Well, yay!, this applies to all three of you: At the Gates will stream their April 6 concert in Chicago, IL live on the Live Nation Channel on Yahoo! Screen.

So that sounds fun! I mean, why wouldn’t you watch it? It’s At the Gates! And it’s free! Maybe they’ll even get Tomas Lindberg to sing (well, growl) the Yahoo! jingle like they have with a bunch of other musicians who have done stuff with that company! Really, there is no downside to this.

You’ll be able watch the performance here starting at 11:15 pm EST. You can also get Yahoo! Screen on all your various devices (e.g., Apple TV, Roku, etc.).

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