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GosT’s Behemoth is the Most Metal Non-Metal Album You’ll Hear This Year


GosT - BehemothGosT retro electro music has basically nothing to do with metal. Yet metalheads are currently loving the crap out of music like this. And so my decision to cover the band developed thusly:

Publicist: <sends email with link to album stream>

Vince: “Holy fuck, this rips! It’d never fly on a metal website, but just wanted to let you know I dig it. Thanks for sending!”

Publicist: “Why not? It’s really metal-heads that listen mostly to this stuff, with Pertubator etc, the scene is starting to pick it up!”

Vince: “You know what, fuck it, you’re right.”

And it’s true: my friends and I are completely obsessed with Perturbator, Miami Nights 1984, etc. See also Myrone, who at least has the #softshred metal connection.

There’s something SO METAL and insanely dark about this music even though there’s nary a real guitar or real drum in sight. The press release describes GosT as “part slasher film, part monster movie, part late-night danceclub desperation – with equal amounts of influence from 1980s horror films, 1990s black metal, and a touch of 2000s club electro,” and I’d say that basically sums it up.

So: wat u think??? Stream two tracks from Behemoth below. The album comes out digitally tomorrow, April 7th, and physically on April 28th via Blood Music and can be pre-ordered here.

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