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Skid Row Parts Ways with Vocalist Who Isn’t Sebastian Bach, Somehow Still Fails to Reunite with Sebastian Bach


skid row vocalistsSkid Row have parted ways with vocalist Johnny Solinger. This is fantastic news! I never saw Solinger perform with the band, but the albums he made with Skid Row were, in a word, horrible. The Johnny Solinger era of Skid Row is like the Blaze Bayley era of Iron Maiden, except instead of lasting five years, it lasted fifteen. Anyone who remembers the band in their glory days, surely, feels relief that this dark period is now over…

…especially because Solinger’s departure means the band can FINALLY reunite with Sebastian Bach, which is what all the fans want anyway! YAY!!!

Yeah except that’s not what happening. Instead, they’ve tapped T.N.T.’s Tony Harnell to fill their frontman void.


Nothing against Harnell, who I’m sure is a swell fella and I know is a talented singer (or at least he was like a million years ago — I have no idea what kind of shape his pipes are in these days). His position is not unlike that of Megadeth’s new guitarist, Kiko Loureiro: talent is kind of beside the point because really everyone just wants the old guy back.

And, sure, a band is under no obligation to do what its fans want… but there’s no denying the fact that doing what the fans want is usually good for business. And given the quality of Baz’s solo work versus the quality of the Solinger-era Skid Row albums, it seems like it would probably be good for creativity’s sake, too.

So although I mean no disrespect to Harnell, I must say something disrespectful: I hope his tenure with the band crashes and burns, and I hope his tenure with the band crashes and burns quickly. It’s time for Skid Row to just accept that they ARE going to reunite with Sebastian Bach someday. Shit is as certain as death and taxes. Just yank the bandage already and get a move on.

[via Bring Back Glam!]

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