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You Need to be Listening to Tribulation


TribulationI’m officially all aboard the Tribulation train. What seems like “just another trad-metal revival group” on the surface is so much more beneath. Don’t be a fool by acting quick to judge this band by its cover, as I did.

I’m not quite sure what Noisey’s talking about as far as the “prog-death” tag goes — I hear neither prog metal nor death metal here — so I’ll counter with my own hasty, basic, ultimately worthless categorization: blackened retro metal. Noisey’s totally on the money as far as “catchy as hell” goes, though: those riffs! They’re like Judas Priest or Thin Lizzy riffs with an extra frosty layer of grimness on top, via both the traditional black metal style of vocals and, to a lesser extent, the harmonic structure of the chords and progressions they’re using. Or ignore all that and focus on this instead: it straight up rips.

Check out the newly premiered track “The Motherhood of God” below, as well as a previously released jam called “In the Dreams of the Dead.”

The Children Of The Night comes out on April 21st via Century Media, and I’m calling it right now: it’s gonna appear on a whole bunch of year-end lists come December, take my word for it. And it’s totally deserving of that honor, which you’ll hear for yourself come the end of the month.

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