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Glenn Fricker Rails Against Whiny Drummers

Photo Credit: Dmitry Zuev's Flickr
Photo Credit: Dmitry Zuev’s Flickr

Attn aspiring metal recording engineers: if you’re not following Glenn Fricker’s “How to Record Heavy Drums” video series you’re missing out. Dude’s been running a recording studio for a hot minute, and he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Even if you don’t agree entirely with his methodology, there’s surely bits you can take and things you can learn from watching these videos: these types of “How To” instructional pieces are never intended be be-all-end-alls.

But this being the Internet, of course there are going to be people who object, and double-of-course they’re going to do so very loudly and in sniveling, whiny fashion. The complaints reached such a din that, three episodes into the series, Glenn decided to address them head on in the below video.

Even if you couldn’t give any less fucks about drum recording technique this video is still hella entertaining because, man, the Internet! People are idiots.

[via Gear Gods]

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