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Marty Friedman Was Asked to Re-Join Megadeth, Too


loookitsmegadethcirca1997This isn’t shocking news, given both the rumors and the revelation earlier this week that Nick Menza declined to re-join the band due to an unsatisfactory deal, but it’s still worth weeping about: Marty Friedman has admitted that he, too, was, indeed, asked to re-join Megadeth.

I know, I know. I had the same reaction. I’ll let you get your crying out of the way before I continue.

Okay, back with me? Great.

Quick semi-digression: Vince, who has spent 100% more time with Friedman than I or most of you reading this ever have, told me way back when the reunion rumors started that he didn’t think Friedman would ever take the gig. Why? Because, in Vince’s words, “He’d see it as a major step back.”

Vince, once again, has proven to be a genius. Because after Friedman told Argentinian radio station Vorterix that he had been asked to re-join the band, they asked him if he’d view doing so as “a step backwards.” To which Friedman replied: “A huge step backwards. Huge.”

So, yeah. We could enjoying a Rust in Peace reunion right now, but, as you’ve no doubt noticed, we are not.

[weeping noises]

ANYWAY, in related news: if you really, really, really, really, REALLY love and trust Dave Mustaine, even after the debacle that was Supercollider, you can pre-order the new Megadeth album NOW via PledgeMusic, you’ll not only get the usual goodies (t-shirts, autographed items, etc.), but you’ll also “get access to a variety of behind-the-scenes content such as photos and videos from the writing and recording sessions… in real time.” In other words, you can watch Megadeth in the studio via webcam, which is pretty neat if you enjoy that kinda thing. Chimaira did it for free years ago and I didn’t think it was that exciting, but I suppose if the cameras catch even one moment of Mustaine nuttiness, it’ll be worth it. Go here for details.


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