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Post #1 Photo - IntroductionGood morning! My name is Derek Neibarger, though most of you know me as Derek/Godless Angel. I’m a 44 year old Kansas native and metal junkie. At any given time I’m either listening to metal, reading about metal, thinking about metal, or creating metal. If you took away my mp3 player and guitars and placed me in a padded cell I would still be accompanied by the endless playlist of metal in my head. Call it a blessing or a curse, but that internal radio station has always been there and I’m just thankful that the DJ in my brain spins tunes that I love. Metal has had its hooks in me for over thirty years and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

I’m incredibly lucky to have spent the last seventeen years of my life with someone who understands and wholly supports my musical obsession, my wife Chrissy. We have two awesome children, both in their early twenties, and a beautiful three year old granddaughter. We share our home with three dogs and five cats. Speaking of cats, I’m also the inventor of the Cat Hand Rest©. It’s still in the testing stages but I envision a day when there will be one in every household.

As some of you already know I have a one man death metal project called Godless Angel. I created it in 2012 and self-released one album, “Year One”, and an EP, “Dying Dead Undead Unholy”. In February of this year I released a new album, “Harvester of Shadows”, on Inverse Records. I have the great honor of being the first artist from the USA to sign with Inverse, which is based in Finland and is the home to bands from all over the world. It’s extremely tempting to use my entire day to talk about my own music, but I’ve chosen to practice restraint and limit my self-promotion to this introductory post. You can find links to my music, interviews, reviews, and more on my Official Godless Angel Website. I’m also extremely happy to announce that I finally have Godless Angel t-shirts and other merch available! Last but not least, I’ve included the Spotify playlist for “Harvester of Shadows” and the lyric video for my song, “Containment Breach in Sector 6”.

With that out of the way, I have some fun stuff lined up for today. I hope you dig it!

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