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August Burns Red Burn Red in April with “The Wake”

  • Axl Rosenberg

August Burns Red - Found in Far Away PlacesAugust Burns Red, my second-favorite band about colorfully incendiary months (after September Blazes Mauve), have released a new single. It’s called “The Wake,” and you can check it out via the below lyric video.* I like it better than most August Burns Red songs (particularly the breakdown at the thirty-second mark (yes this song has its first breakdown after thirty whole seconds)), and suspect I would have really liked it if I’d heard it in 2004. I also give ABR props for keeping shit heavy when so many of their peers have gone in the other direction. Look at how many nice things I just said about August Burns Red! That was exhausting. I need a nap.

While I do that, you listen to “The Wake.” It will appear on August Burns Red’s new album, Far Away Places, which comes out June 30 on Fearless.

*And now, a sincere plea to stop making lyric videos…

Dear wonderful, hardworking record label people: you know that everyone just opens another window on their browser and does something else while they listen to the song the same way they would if there weren’t lyrics in the video, right? I mean, I’m sure there’s some harder-than-hardcore fans who actually hang on every word, but 99% of everyone who ever encounters this video will never actually see more than a few frames of it. So, really, all you’re doing when you produce a lyric video is making extra work for the person making the clip. So maybe don’t do that? I dunno just thinking out loud here.

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