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Antiversum: The Scariest Metal Band Since Portal?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Antiversum band photoThe easiest way to sum up the music of Switzerland’s Antiversum would be to simply tell you that their demo is entitled Total Vacuum. As in a black hole. Not a Dyson.

Indeed, Total Vacuum sounds like nothing short of an all-consuming void. Antiversum’s material is generally slower and doomier than that of Australia’s Portal, but the two bands’ respective approaches to sonics are not dissimilar — which is to say, they just fucking bury the listener in blanket upon blanket of bleak noise, creating something that both pushes the boundaries of what music is and can be and makes you wanna hide under your bed and pray for your mommy to come save you. There is nothing welcoming or beautiful about their music… in fact, you could argue that this is aural ugliness in its purest form.

In other words: this is not gonna be for everyone. But I suspect that the people who dig it will really dig, the way people who dig Portal (myself included) really dig Portal.

Check Total Vacuum below, courtesy of No Clean Singing. It comes out 4/20 on Invictus Productions, whereupon it shall haunt your nightmares forevermore. Get it here.

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