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Video: Particle Physicist Turns Higgs Boson Discovery Into Metal Music

  • Axl Rosenberg
Is this pun funny? I honestly can't tell.
Is this pun funny? I honestly can’t tell.

i09 reports that particle physicist Piotr Traczyk has “taken data plots from the historic discovery of the Higgs boson and converted it into music.” I was never the strongest science student in the world, so I don’t understand what that, or most of the other details shared in the piece, means. But I get that Traczyk took something sciencey and turned it into something metally, and and that’s the kinda thing some of you folks love! So I thought I’d share it.

More words which mostly don’t mean anything to me:

“To convert the discovery of the Higgs boson into music, Traczyk mapped points in histograms to a chromatic scale, and then used logarithms to squeeze the frequency range into something suitable for a guitar. The resulting ‘song’ is performed by two guitars, where one plays the gamma-gamma run and the other the 4-lepton riff.”

I hear “gamma-gamma” and think of The Ramones, and I hear “lepton” and think of tea, but that all sounds very impressive! My hat is off to Mr. Traczyk.

Watch video of the resulting music below. Those of you who do get really into this shit can get a more in-depth look at Traczyk’s project via a blog called, I shit you not, Cylindrical Onion.

Thanks: Chad S.

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