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36 Crazyfists’s Brock Lindow Doesn’t Believe Global Warming is Real


36 CrazyfistsChuck and Godless had a very interesting chat with 36 Crazyfists frontman Brock Lindow on this week’s edition of the MetalSucks Podcast. The hosts chatted with Brock not only about his band’s new album Time and Trauma, but about life in Alaska, his five-year old daughter, his own hockey-themed sports bar and a podcast he co-hosts about craft beer.

Also on the docket: weather. Because everyone talks about weather, right?

It being winter at the time the interview was conducted — and Alaskan winters being really fucking cold — Brock was talking about hockey and skiing and other winter-like things, and how they hadn’t gotten very much snow in his area this year. Which prompted Godless to ask the following:

Godless: With what you see happening first hand out there, are you like “Climate change is real and it’s man made, ” or are you like “climate change is BS?”

Lindow: Climate change… I don’t know, there’s definitely been some changes that have happened since I’ve been a kid here, but I remember in 1985 there was a winter where we didn’t have any snow on Christmas. This has happened before. And two winters ago we had the most snow we’ve ever had. So it just comes in cycles, and I don’t put too much stock in the whole global warming thing. I mean, it’s 7 degrees here, and it’s supposed to be cold. And some days it’s warm. And we kinda fluctuate quite a bit anyway. In Anchorage, maybe two weeks out of the whole year we’ll get some minus temps, but it hovers around the 20s or 30s mostly.

Godless: Brock, how many copies of the new 36 Crazyfists album have been purchased by the Koch brothers?

Lindow: [laughs] Not enough, I’ll tell you that, get those boys to purchase a few more!

So, yeah… wow. Brock seems like a real swell fellow, and I like some of his band’s music. But not only is he simply wrong on this, he demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of what global warming is, and that weather ≠ climate. Stepping outside, marveling at the cold weather and proclaiming “See? It’s cold! Global warming is a hoax!” is akin to that time Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe waltzed into Congress with a snowball and a bible in an attempt to prove the same:

I would also steer Brock towards this diagram, from AKclimate.org — The Alaska Climate Research Center — showing the change in mean annual temperature right in his hometown of Anchorage over the past 65 years:

Anchorage climate change

So, yeah, sorry dude. It’s real, regardless of day-to-day or even year-to-year variations.

Listen to the rest of the interview with Brock on The MetalSucks Podcast below. The section about global warming starts at the 23:55 mark.

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