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“1132”: Noisem are Still Noisey


Noisem - Blossoming DecayI know there are people who think that Maryland’s Noisem are the Second Coming, and while I don’t dislike the band, nothing on their 2013 debut, Agony Defined, sold me on their allegedly-impending greatness. It just sounded like a good-but-not-great deathrash album to me. Honestly, I haven’t even heard the EP or split with Occultist that they released last year.

“1132,” the first song to be released from their upcoming sophomore effort, Blossoming Decay, is different. The band have embraced their grind- and hardcore influences, they’ve improved as songwriters (both in terms of delicious riffs and structure), and for at least part of the tune, they’ve slowed things down a bit, too. The resulting track really put my cock through the blender. I mean that as a compliment.

Will people who loved Agony Defined also love this? Dunno, don’t care! I’m suddenly very excited to hear Blossoming Decay, which was not true a mere fifteen minutes ago.

Check out “1132” below. A389 Recordings will release Blossoming Decay on June 6.

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