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Today in Metallica: David Bowie Loves Lulu, Kirk Hammett Loses 250 Riffs, Band May Have Chosen a Producer


metallica lou reed david bowieGood morning! Happy Monday!!! Here are two pieces of Metallica news which aren’t really at all related, but are both fun to laugh about:

  • NME reports that Lou Reed’s widow, Laurie Anderson, made a speech on behalf of her late husband when he was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame over the weekend. And as part of that speech, she revealed this little tidbit: “[A]fter Lou’s death, David Bowie made a big point of saying to me, ‘Listen, [Lulu] is Lou’s greatest work. This is his masterpiece. Just wait, it will be like Berlin. It will take everyone a while to catch up.'” Only Bowie knows for sure if he meant what he said or he was just trying to be nice to a woman whose husband recently died, but it kinda doesn’t matter, because either way, he’s wrong.
  • On the most recent episode of Jamey Jasta’s The Jasta Show (below), Kirk Hammett revealed, “I lost my iPhone with 250 ideas – and I was crushed.” He says he remembers eight of those riffs and that phone “still might turn up,” but clearly, the moral of the story here is that God doesn’t want Metallica to make a new album you should always keep a back up of your work. I mean, this loss of material could delay the new Metallica album for another twenty years, and then where will the world be???
  • In that same interview, Hammett reveals that the band has been working with producer Greg Fidelman (Black Sabbath, Slayer, Slipknot), who also produced Lulu and mixed Death Magnetic. Nobody had a problem with Lulu OR the mixing on Magnetic, so that’s probably a good sign. But poor Joey Sturgis!!!
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