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Watch: Weedeater Drummer Travis Owen Teaches You Stick Tricks


Travis-Owen-Weedeater-Stick-TricksA band’s drummer is often the most entertaining member to watch during a show, and that’s even more true when that drummer performs stick tricks like a marching band drum major. Some might call it a gimmick, but I’d argue the exact opposite: you can only really pull this stuff off if you’re completely, unwavering on top of your craft, because if you fuck up the song people are gonna know instantly and point the finger at YOU for being a jackass. Lazy drummers need not apply.

For the rest of us there’s drummer Travis Owen of Weedeater, whose slow, expansive music allows him plenty of room to pull all sorts of shenanigans with his sticks. In a recent video for Gear Gods, Owen walks through several of his favorite stick tricks and details how to execute them. Better start practicing now… I hear that drum gig in Rings of Saturn is gonna open up (again) any day now.

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