Entombed AD, Tateryche, and Now, Venom Inc.


VenomIncAs many of you know, black metal progenitors Venom, now down to founder Conrad “Cronos” Lant and two other dudes, released an album this year, and it was pretty solid. Nothing game-changing, but worthy of the Venom name.

But now it seems that Cronos’ old pals and founding members Jeff “Mantas” Dunn and Anthony “Abaddon” Bray have also decided to make their triumphant return in 2015, just with a different name. Yes, Venom are joining the ranks of EntombedQueensryche, and LA Guns by having a second incarnation, which Blabbermouth says is named Venom Inc. They recently played for the first time under that ridiculous moniker at the Keep It True Festival in Germany, where they played a set of Venom classics along with drummer Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan.

To be fair, this line-up of Venom put out multiple albums under the band’s name, and Cronos’ recent public outbursts suggest that maybe this is the saner incarnation of the band. That said, this suffix game bands are playing these days is bullshit, and Venom Inc. is one of the worst. Venom Incorporated? Does that mean this Venom line-up has a preferred dress code? Will they match your 401K contribution?

You know who did it right? Heaven & Hell. They didn’t name themselves Black Sabbath Ltd. Venom Inc. would’ve been better off being called Prime Evil, the name of one of the albums with this line-up. But obviously, the brand is recognizable, and I’m sure Mantas and Abaddon have bills to pay.

Check out the some performance videos of Venom’s new corporate venture below.


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