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Black Sabbath: Final Album and Tour Coming in 2016


black-sabbathQuick recap: last year, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that Black Sabbath are “going to do one more album, and a final tour.” Then, just last month, Sharon Osborne announced that Black Sabbath’s appearance later this year at Ozzfest Japan would be their “farewell” show… and then the band pulled out of Ozzfest Japan, prompting fans to wonder if they weren’t dunzo after all.

Now we have some more intel, via the below Ozzy press conference, which took place in Brazil this past Friday: according to the Ozzman, “The plan is that next year [we’ll do] the final Black Sabbath tour and album.” If we give Ozzy the benefit of the doubt and assume he knows what year it is, “next year” would be 2016.

But even that could be incorrect! I mean, we just established with the whole Sharon/Ozzfest Japan fiasco that the Osbournes are not always as reliable a source of information as we might assume. So maybe take this with a grain of salt until the band is, at the very least, back in the studio.

[via Lambgoat]

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