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Skid Row Turned Down HOW MUCH MONEY to Reunite with Sebastian Bach?!?!


Photo of SKID ROWDespite the fact that everyone just wants Skid Row to reunite with Sebastian Bach already, the band recently replaced Bach’s longtime successor, Johnny Solinger, with Tony Harnell. Now, obviously, it’s their band, and ultimately, they can do whatever they like with it… but it’s hard to imagine any fans besides their most ardent supporters being stoked on the former T.N.T. vocalist. Even Bring Back Glam!, a sight that is much more forgiving of aging hair metallers than most (as the name suggests!), was down on the decision.

Not helping matters: The Skids’ first order of business with Harnell was re-recording their megahit “18 and Life,” as though to rub salt in the wound that is their refusal to reconcile with Bach (and we know it is the band, not Bach, that’s holding up the reunion).

Adding a heft dose of lime juice to that salted wound, then, is this revelation, from a new LoudWire with Baz:

“We got offered a reunion show at Sonisphere, and I can tell you all the details because it never happened. We were offered $250,000 per show for two shows, a Friday and a Saturday night. We were going to get paid half a million dollars and Rachel [Bolan, bassist] didn’t want to do it.”

Granted, that’s $500,000 minus staff fees (manager, booking agent, crew, etc.), travel and housing fees, and taxes, split five ways. Still: that’s a LOT of money, and most certainly more than Skid Row will ever make playing with Harnell or Solinger or anyone else who isn’t Bach.

So the fact that Bolan and the rest of the band turned down such an offer is a true testament to both their hatred for Baz and their prioritization of personal happiness over money — which, much as I hate to admit it given that I want the reunion to happen, is admirable.

Or maybe they’re just holding out for a cool million.


[via Metal Insider]

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