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Five Finger Death Punch Backpedal Speedily From Meltdown Show With New Song Preview


ffdpWe found out through Revolver that locker room metal band Five Finger Death Punch have previewed a new song, seemingly called “My Last Dance” or something to that effect. This, of course, comes on the tail of the band’s disastrous meltdown show in Memphis this Friday. You can listen to the snippet here.

It’s no secret that MetalSucks’ staff doesn’t think much of Five Finger Death Punch, but even from an unbiased stance, this feels like the wrong move. There is no way this song preview was scheduled for today before the band’s catastrophic stage fight. So why put it out now? Ivan Moody made his statement following the Memphis show — that should be enough. If there’s strife within your band, it’s never a good look to follow a demonstration that strife with, “NO WAY, MAN, WE’RE BETTER THAN EVER.” Take your time, work things out, and make sure that kind of public display of dirty laundry never happens again.

The reasoning here is pretty simple: Five Finger Death Punch is a band that cannot for a moment look weak in the eyes of their fanbase. If they show a crack in their hyper-aggressive, might-makes-right image, their fans might accuse them of being pussies, and the whole house of musclebound cards crumbles. Stepping out of the limelight to take stock of personal band issues is the equivalent of turning down a fistfight to have an honest conversation with the dude who wants to beat you up. And Five Finger Death Punch is all about swift retaliation in the most obvious way possible. They’re a regrettable black eye put to music.

Anyway, the band will have a new album out this year, and this track will probably be on it. Enjoy.

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