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Feanor Omega: U Jam?


Feanor Omega

Did you attend the Messe des Morts IV festival back in April? The Montreal black metal weekend’s roster had best-of-now bands like Cult Of Fire, Thantifaxath, Merrimack, and Deletere with headliners Samael and Shining (Swe). That’s plenty of reasons to make a second trip to Montreal a few months ahead of that city’s other terrific metal fest. Let’s hope your trip is better than Cult Of Fire’s voyage to MdM 2015; sounds like it was delayed as fuck for they played a day late after Saturday’s headliners. That’s a weird slot, but I imagine that CoF channeled their air travel rage into a slamming set. Plus, I bet fans found it easy to focus with no energy left to think and no bands to follow. Rad.

I wonder what happened to Cult Of Fire’s slot before Friday’s headliner? Maybe each preceding band stretched to fill that time, but gosh, did the fest organizers (Sepulchral Productions lovvve youuu) know that the member(s) of Feanor Omega came to the gig? Might (t)he(y) have been approached to pull together an impromptu rip sesh on Friday? Depressive and manic, Feanor Omega’s vibe may’ve been even more magical than a late set by an outraged psychedelic black metal duo with tons of surplus energy and a pocketful of travel vouchers. Just dreamin’, no big whoop. U jam?

Feanor Omega’s debut album Anima came out yesterday. Get it here.

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