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GWAR Announce Official Book; Literary World Sh*ts its Pants


Let There Be GWAR BookOne thing you have to appreciate about GWAR is the way they’ve worked across multiple mediums and platforms. They make records and put on world-famous concerts and produce awesome music videos and make comic books and cameo in Hollywood movies and appear on television shows of various types, including comedic, athletic, and political programs, and, oh yeah, they have a restaurant, too.

Still, GWAR have largely stayed away from any literary endeavors. Although the late, great Dave Brockie did write a novel called Whargoul in 2010 (and penned many columns for this very website), I think it’s safe to say that GWAR have largely been off the Pulitzer committee’s radar…

…until now! The Scumdogs has just announced the impending release of Let There Be GWAR, a 350 page oversized hardcover book that will serve as “a comprehensive behind-the-scenes history of the most outrageous shock rock band of all time.” A press release promises that the book will contain “fascinating first-hand accounts and rare, never-before-seen photographs,” as well as “band posters, ephemera, production sketches and interviews, that chronicle the band’s albums, comics and videos.”

And this “GWARchive” was compiled by Bob Gorman and Roger Gastman over the course of (no exaggeration) multiple decades; Gorman has been working with the band in various capacities since 1988 and Gastman has been a major player in the world of street art, so it seems safe to assume that, yes, this book is going to be every bit as cool as it sounds.

Let There Be GWAR is expected to ship in late August/early September. You can pre-order a copy here; the price is sixty dollars, unless you’re one of the first 150 customers to place an order and you’re willing to spend a little extra — then you can get an autographed copy for a hundred dollars! That sounds so much better than Metallica Monopoly, doesn’t it?

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