Maria Brink Really, Really Wants To Be Beyonce



We just watched the new In This Moment video via Loudwire, and it’s, uh… well, it’s trying, really hard! A+ for effort, I guess.

The song’s called “Sex Metal Barbie” and seems to be another song about Maria Brink being sexualized and ridiculed in metal, or something like that. The video, which was directed by Brink, is about skull-faced breakdancers and golden spiked bracelets, and… well, here, watch it:

Jesus Christ, watching a second time was even harder.

What’s obvious, both in the song and the video, is that Maria Brink doesn’t  feel content with being just a metal singer. Brink wants Beyoncéhood, and she will whip her hair back and forth and smoke cigars in a latex cop hat and sing with autotune adjustment until someone declares her that, damn it.

If she tries hard enough, maybe she’ll catch up with the “Video Phone” video.

Black Widow is out now, if you want to subject yourself to that song again.

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