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Arsonists Get All the Girls Extinguished


arsonists get all the girls logoThere have been rumors floating around all week that Arsonists Get All the Girls were throwing in the towel, and now Heavy Blog is Heavy reports that drummer Garin Rosen — the band’s sole remaining original member — has confirmed as much via a brief statement:

“Thanks again for everything! Now everyone knows. It’s been a fucking hell of a ride! Thanks for everything again. I love you all.”

Which is a bummer — AGATG were a really cool band. And, on a more personal note, they were one of the first signed bands to take MetalSucks seriously and help spread the good word.

But there’s a silver lining with every band breakup, and that silver lining is this: now we can look forward to the reunion! So keep your eyes peeled for a new Arsonists album and tour sometime in the ’20s. Should be rad!

In the meantime, revisit some of AGTAG’s past work. Personally, 2007’s The Game of Life is still my favorite of their albums. And yourselves?

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